Horse Feeding Testimonials

“I have tried for a year to put weight on my senior horses. I’ve tried many different feeds and supplements only to have hot, food aggressive, horses that were still very thin. When I heard of the Purina feed program I was not expecting much at all. The first thing I noticed was the great customer service I received from Andrea. She checked in with me weekly to make sure I had enough food and to answer any questions. After the first month I started to see a difference in body condition, all while their demeanor remained calm. By the end of the trial period I was a believer in Purina Equine Feed.

One of my senior horses gained 70 pounds in three months and her top line, hips and butt started filling in. Also had two draft horses on the Enrich Feed, and results were amazing. They have greatly improved coats and top line. Now I have stopped shopping around because I am a Purina customer for life. Thank You. –Kate Krusel”

Ironwood Springs, Camp/Lessons
“I have to tell you about the results of having my horse, Dillon, on Outlast prior to and during my horse show in Winona last weekend .. INCREDIBLY AMAZING! I had a totally different horse at that show and I firmly believe it was due to Outlast!

Normally I experience a lot of resistance and displeasure from him and he is a very difficult partner at my shows. I spend a lot of time trying to make him happy and keep him content, because, after all, the point is for us to be a team and work together, but I normally leave feeling that those moments were too few and far between for all the struggling I had to do with him.

I also normally experience an unreal amount of teeth grinding. We see this at home sometimes, both in his stall and while in the arena, but I really experience it at shows. In fact, at one show this past summer, one of the judges came over and checked my bit and another one walked up to me in the lineup and suggested I have him checked for ulcers and gave me some ideas on wrapping his bit with latex. (We tried that, but it hasn’t worked.) His breeder said it was hereditary because his mother always did that, but I always saw a definite connection between him grinding his teeth and him having to do something that he didn’t believe he should have to do.

But this past weekend, I saw an enormous change in his attitude and in his performance. Even though there were still the moments where I knew he would rather be standing in his stall eating his hay instead of going out and riding in the arena, he didn’t have the same negative behavior about it that he had before and I wasn’t fighting him all the time like I did before. I was so pleased!! We actually had a good time and had many new successes!

I also did not experience the teeth grinding like I have in the past! There were two times that I can think of where he ground his teeth once, but he never continued and it was only in his stall, never under saddle. I do have to admit that we changed bits on him, and this was the first show that I rode him in it (in fact Friday was the first day that we tried it), but we have tried new things like this on him before and they’ve not been successful because of his resistance, but in this case I truly believe that the Outlast helped us accomplish success with the new bit .. he was so much more receptive to the change because he was on Outlast.

Understanding the extreme physical discomfort a horse can experience due to anxiety in a situation made a lot of sense to me and I saw it as a real possibility for my situation, so the basis on which this product is founded sounded right up the alley for Dillon. I was very hopeful for a positive result, and I was not disappointed!

So the bottom line is that I am a true believer in this product! For me and my horse, this product has proven itself to work as intended. I am extremely happy with the results I am seeing by having my horse on Outlast!!

Thank you for the chance to give this a try!”

Roxanne Darnell, Pleasure
“The customer service I received from Andrea was fantastic. She was diligent with her follow-ups and truly had my horses care in her best interest. My horses really bloomed on the feed program she suggested.”
Darryl Graham, Halter
“I wanted to let you know how Honey did this past weekend. We did the 25 mile ride with her in a time of 2 hrs 22 min. But the really good thing is that when she was judged in multiple categories for the Best Condition award she won that also with a score of 760 out of 800. 760 is the highest BC score I have ever received. I have to feel that the results are partially due to my conditioning and the other part is the SuperSport that she gets every day! Thank You.”
Barry Saylor, Endurance
“I bought a young barrel prospect who had been on a competitor’s feed. After 90 days I didn’t even recognize my own horse! I believe the quality of proteins in this feed gave my horse the tools he needed to develop. I am so thrilled with how my horse changed while on Ultium Growth!”
Maria Schimek, Barrel Racing