Smart Shop, Happy Pop

As seen in Rochester MN Blog here.

Rochester Pet and Country Store (RPCS) is a hidden gem. It’s a locally owned business run by a woman named Netta. My wife and I discovered it when we adopted our son’s cat, Buddy, from Camp Companion. Our son started out wanting a dog. We said no because we aren’t home enough to let a dog out so he pleaded for a bird…”something, anything to love.” Our compromise was a cat. We asked Missy, a Camp Companion volunteer working at RPCS, “Is there such a thing as a cat that acts like a dog?” She said yes and brought Buddy, an orange Tabby, to RPCS the next day. Missy was right about Buddy. She was also right about the cat toys, food and supplies we purchased from RPCS.

Last week, Buddy needed more cat food. I wanted to get a different kind because Buddy has been acting extra hungry. We’re feeding him the recommended amount for his age/weight but it doesn’t seem to be enough. The RPCS employee helping me listened to my concerns, asked really good questions and suggested I get something with more protein and less fillers in it. Then she walked me to the cat food aisle and threw a huge bag of Fromm’s “Duck A La Veg” over her shoulder. I followed her as she carried the bag to the cash register and out to my car. I could have carried the bag on my own (and felt silly letting her do it) but Netta says she expects her employees to do that. “It’s the little things that make us different, special.”

Netta is right. You can’t get that kind of personal advice and service on the Internet or from a big box store. Her “little things” make life easier and, if you ask our son, happier. Thank you, Rochester Pet and Country Store, for being you. I’ll be back soon.

Note: Camp Companion needs foster homes for cats. If you love cats and have a little extra space, make a call and be a hero!