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There probably are only a few of you that knew Rochester Pet & Country Store from the beginning when we were a much smaller, slightly different store that has led us to the who we are today.

After working for Purina and helping other dealers place their orders every week Netta Putzier decided that she would like to own a store of her own…Rochester Pet & Country Store was born. In the beginning we sold lots of little critters (you can still see where chinchillas chewed the wood around the window behind the counter), pet food, pet supplies, treats and toys as well as a much smaller amount of feed than we carry today.

Over time Rochester Pet & Country Store expanded into a larger office to make room for more pet supply products in the store. We dabbled in Carhartt and Wrangler clothing and have definitely expanded our lines of feeds and treats and of course are always rearranging and finding a new place for new things.

Carrying bird feeders, seeds, pet foods and livestock feeds have been our staples and we continue to receive training and learn more about these areas. To many a customers surprise we expanded our gift room and carry many items that you wouldn’t expect to find at a feed store. If we like it and think you will too we get it in and carry it. We have also greatly expanded our lines of dog and cat foods over the years due to suggestions from customers or new quality products we find in the industry.

Every year we greatly enjoy being able to host customer appreciation get togethers and sales in the winter and summer. Thanks to all of our customers whether you’ve been with us since day one or only a few days ago.

After all of that over the last 12 years we’ve now become Rochester Pet & Country Store and moved into Rochester, MN. We have more space than ever before and now carry many new product lines. Stop on in and see what we have, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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