Responsible Pet Owners Club | Pet Supplies Rochester, MN

As our way of encouraging our community to be the most responsible pet owning community in America, Rochester Feed & Country Store would like to help pay for part of the cost of adopting your dog or cat, with our Responsible Pet Owners Club Coupons.

Rochester Feed & Country Store will give you gift certificates valued at $80 for dogs and $48 for cats for each pet that has been adopted from a 501c3 Agency. These certificates can be used towards the purchase of specific dog/cat food. All you have to do is bring in your adoption papers within 30 days of adopting and we will then present you with the gift certificates.

Let’s show America what a great community we are when it comes to taking care of our pets.

As Oct. 2013 we have helped in the adoption of 537 dogs and 611 cats!